Senior Managers

Senior Managers


Taipu Paki
Acting General Manager
Claims Manager + Implementation Manager
Ngaati Whaawhaakia – Kaitumutumu Marae
Taipu has a Bachelor of Laws and in 1997 joined the graduate team at Waikato-Tainui to provide strategic and legislative support to the tribe’s outstanding claims. In 2003, he worked for a consultancy firm before returning to the tribe in 2006 as a legal analyst to support negotiations for the Waikato River Claim. Taipu leads two teams – Claims and Implementation – and oversees a number of settlement responsibilities related to the raupatu and river settlements, as well as all outstanding claims.

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Tim Manukau
Environment Manager
Ngaati Mahuta, Ngaati Pou, Ngaati Kahukoka – Waahi Pa, Horahora Marae
With a background in corporate resource management, environmental economics and marine ecology, Tim has worked for the tribe since 2003 managing its environmental arm and advising on outstanding treaty claims. Tim represents the tribe on a number of regional and national environmental forums and initiatives. Key developments of the Environment Team include the implementation of JMA’s, supporting customary activities and the launch of the tribe’s Environmental Plan – Tai Tumu Tai Pari Tai Ao in 2013 and its subsequent promotion and utilisation.

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Janet Falwasser
Operations Manager
Ngaati Mahuta – Taniwha-Tangoao Marae
Janet previously worked for the Lands Trust as the Communications Manager where she was instrumental in the introduction of Te Hookioi magazine, the Tribal Pride Music Concert and event management of several Waikato-Tainui Games. In her position as Operations Manager, Janet is responsible for organisational effectiveness through operational and financial functions, strategy, policy and procedural development, business performance and quality information on the work of the trust.

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Nicholas Manukau
Strategy Manager
Tainui – Waahi Paa, Horahora Marae
Nicholas first joined the tribe as the fisheries and aquaculture adviser to deliver freshwater fishery priorities under the tribe’s Fisheries Accord. He has a Bachelor of Science and Diploma in Environmental Management from Waikato University, and is also an accredited Environmental Commissioner. Nicholas has previously worked for the Ministry of Primary Industries, and was responsible for developing the tribe’s fisheries bylaws for the Waikato River which were launched in 2013.
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